Website Copywriting

Effective and Persuasive Copywriting for Your Website

We believe that the best in copywriting businesses never attempt to write. Their writings speak out and words pop out of the pages as though someone was literally involved in active communication. When it comes to providing copywriting services, Bring Me The Best creates content that is not just read but heard with authority.

Why can you completely trust our services? Because we work from the inside out and figure out the “WHY” that customers are looking for. Why they should invest in your business or services and why your core policies match with their expectations.persuasive website copywriting

Our efforts focus on the why behind your business and effective marketing of the core energy that propels your business. The rest is just an automatic result as people are happy to be associated with a service or product that has a well contemplated reason behind existence and everyday efforts. We convey the customers about “why you do what you do” and “how you do what you do”. The third part is “What you do” and it refers to final products and services.

Every customer wants to be associated with a company that has strong core beliefs and a robust working policy. This is the message that any copywriting effort should convey if the intention is to convert leads into business. When people feel proud to be associated with your services, exponential growth is literally guaranteed. Our copywriting efforts have always revolved around this one critical factor that has often emerged out as the main factor in business expansion.

Referring to our website we can comprehend that you are in search of an experienced company that can provide correct guidance regarding internet based businesses. Massive efforts have been invested to make sure that you as a customer feel special and find every word appealing to the core. This is the reason why you can experience our web pages being written in different tones for creating active communication patterns.

One of the most overused terms in internet marketing has to be PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns. While you are looking to maximizing revenues, PPC is not just about driving traffic and hoping for massive conversions. Motivating customers is an art and we practice this art in every word that is published on our web pages. We blend new age writing techniques into the old fashioned content in PPC efforts for better results. However, writing pattern undergoes a sea change when promoting the company on the social media platform as the main focus is on creating brand value. We know how to adapt persuasive content for different platforms.

As simple as it goes, for our marketing efforts the perfect reader is you. In your case, it might be someone looking for the best health insurance policy or a kid searching for WOW guide. Whatever may be the effectiveness of SEO, persuasive copywriting remains the backbone of all marketing efforts.

Our Prices For Copywriting Services

Basic copywriting

300 words per page, approx 30 min research, strategic keywords used, keywords provided by client ——- $ 35 per page (15 or more pages –  $ 30 per page)

Advanced copywriting and blogging

300-400 words per page, approx 1 hour research, strategic keywords used, keywords provided by client, Linking to other copy or site ——- $ 45 per page (15 or more pages –  $ 40 per page)

Premium copywriting

300-400 words per page, approx 1.5 hour research, strategic keywords used, keyword research, Linking to other copy or site ——- $75 per page (15 or more pages –  $ 60 per page)