A Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Freelancer

At last I found some time to start writing on a long awaited subject. I have been planning this for long but couldn’t find time. In fact, being a freelance writer has kept me from writing free content. When I was trying to become a freelance writer back in year 2009, it was so hard to find the right information providing step by step guideline that I kept on searching for about couple of months to set myself on the right path. I still see that nothing has changed. So I decided to write a step-by-step guide for aspiring freelance which covers all the aspects from scratch and explains every step with the help of screen shots.

Ways of Making Money Online

There are literally hundreds of ways through which you can make money online. I earn around $2000 to $3000 USD each month from just copy writing and article writing. But I still remember those days when I got my first writing job and worked very hard for whole month and in the end I got just thirty bucks out of which I also had to pay a $5 project fee. During that job I used to write a whole 500 words article for just half a buck. I never lost hope and kept on working. At present I manage a team of tens of great writers.

Recently, I have started to explore other areas as well like internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website design etc. I intend to cover those subjects as well at some later stage.

Should you pay anything to get a job online?Beware! You will come across lots of scammers during your carrier as a freelancer.

Never! There are millions of people being scammed on the internet. Don’t be one of them. You are the one who should be paid for your services; not the one who is employing you for some sort of work.

How do you get your money transferred to your Bank Account?

You haven’t earned a single penny yet; then why I have raised this question now. When I started making money online, this was a massive issue for me as well. Even today when I tell people that I work online, their first response is, “Really? Have you ever received remuneration of your work?” In general, people think that making money on internet is merely a scam which is not always true. I will cover step by step guide on this aspect as well. If you are interested in reading that part of this article, you can jump to it by clicking on “Best Ways to Send and Receive Payments on Internet”.

What are the nuts and bolts for becoming a freelance writer?

Is it necessary that you should be a creative writer? —– No! ——  But if you are, it will be an advantage. What’s essential is the command on grammar and sentence structure of English language. If you think you are not ready yet, you should opt for some other form of making money online such as Data Entry or Form Filling. I will also cover these things in upcoming posts.

Though the pay for these jobs is less but you can still make some handsome amount. It is good to use your time constructively as you must have heard that “Empty mind is Devil’s Abode”. So why not start it today! Who knows you end up being the owner of a Data Entry House or a Content Writing Firm. With the right strategy and hard work, you can do this within 1 to 2 year time.

Few! ——— Enough of Prelude. I think I should come to the point now.

Step -1

The very first step is to register on a platform which will help you apply and eventually get an online job. There are quite a few websites where employers post their projects. Freelancers are required to bid on the project by sending their proposals. These websites have some pros and cons so you must carefully choose the one that suits you the best. Some of the most popular websites are following.

Click here if you want to read the comparison among Elance, 0Desk and Freelancer and other major freelance bidding sites.

My advice is to register on all. You never know which website becomes the main source of your success. I, myself, registered on more than five of them. I got an early break on Freelancer and Elance by winning projects on both the platforms.

Word of Caution

 Never use fake information about you on these sites during the registration process. Or else you will lose your account during the verification process.

What You Must Do When Registering on These Sites

  • Use original name as per national ID card or Passport.
  • Use actual address at which you can receive mail through postal services.
  • Use personal cell phone number on which you can receive verification sms.
  • Try to use a fresh email address for freelancing business preferably Gmail (I will discuss its benefits later on in a separate post). Also use same ID to register on Skype since quite a few employers want a Skype interview before awarding the project.
  • Try to use login id or brand name on all the websites you plan to register same as your email. For instance, if your email is sparatus@gmail.com then your id on all the platforms should be “sparatus”. By doing this, you would see that various people will contact you directly using your email or Skype.

Choose What You Want to Do Next

Step 2

Best Ways to Send and Receive Payments on Internet

Next thing is to register on a site through which you will carry out your money transactions. The most popular options are following.

It is better to register on at least two. In case one of your accounts is suspended due to the violation of rules or any misunderstanding between you and the regulatory authority, you have the other one to process your hard earned money. I use Skrill and Payoneer and not paypal because paypal has not only higher fee structure but also very strict policy. They keep on blocking and suspending your account every now and then. Although I do have a paypal account, I use it when I do not have any other option.

Word of Caution

 Never use fake information about you on these sites during the registration process. Or else you will lose your account during the verification process.

Click here if you want to read detailed comparison among paypal, moneybooker and Payoneer.

Step 3

Complete your Profiles on freelance bidding sites and start sending proposals. In the beginning, you will find it difficult to get your first job on any of these platforms. The single strategy that can work for you is that your bid amount should be the lowest of all. At this stage, getting your first job should have the prime importance, not the money. You will have to build your reputation slowly and gradually by getting positive reviews from your clients. Try to work with employers with good reputation who are willing fund the milestone and escrow payments in advance. Milestone or escrow payment remain with the bidding website till the time you complete work and the employer releases that amount in your account. But this is kind of guarantee that you will get paid for your time and efforts.

In the end, I would say that it’s all hard work and perseverance that can open the doors of opportunities for you in the world of freelancing. Continuously, polish your skills and work with dedication. That’s the key to success. Wish you best of luck!

If you have any question or you want further help, you can leave a comment below.


  1. By Muhammad Salman Siddiqui Posted on March 7, 2016

    thanks for such useful information. what are your views regarding upwork.com? and secondly, paypal doesn’t work in Pakistan so what’s another option?

    • By Admin Posted on March 12, 2017

      Upwork is a good platform but for starters it is hard to get a job right away. Payoneer and Skrill are good alternatives of Paypal.

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